Hadoop: The Definitive Guide

Now you have the opportunity to learn about Hadoop from a master—not only of the technology, but also of common sense and plain talk. —Doug Cutting, Hadoop Founder

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, Fourth Edition is a book about Apache Hadoop by Tom White, published by O’Reilly Media. From Avro to ZooKeeper, this is the only book that covers all the major projects in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

You can buy the book in electronic and paper forms from O’Reilly (including via Safari Books Online), or in paper form from Amazon (US, UK), and many other sources.

View and submit errata and reviews (3rd ed.) via the O’Reilly website. You can also email comments to me at tom@hadoopbook.com.

Translations in Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese are also available.

I occasionally write about the book on my blog, and on Twitter.